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It’s easy peasy to tell your subscribers what you know they want to hear about.


Social Sharing

With a single click your subscribers can share your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook.

Forward to friend

Built into your templates, a link for recipients to forward your campaign email.

RSS to Email

Automatically send a campaign to your subscribers whenever you update your site or blog.

A/B Testing

Test different subject lines, sender details and even different email designs. It only takes a few clicks!


Quickly build and schedule automated messages, for example

  • When a subscriber joins your list
  • The anniversary of a custom date field
  • An exact date

Keep It Relevant

Send the right information to the right people at the right time using segmentation and personalised content.

Behaviour Targeting

Target subscribers based on past behaviour, such as clicking a link or forwarding a newsletter to a friend.

Triggered Messaging

Automatically email people when they meet criteria you set, such as a recent purchase or their membership expiring.

Personalised Content

Send custom content to every subscriber by personalising it with whatever information they have shared with you.

Inbox Preview

Send free tests to any address you like or for just £5 see your email as it appears in over 20 different email clients.

Spam Testing

For just £5, test your campaigns before you send them using real desktop, server and firewall spam filters.

Archived Newsletters

Every email campaign is archived, so you’ll always have a complete record of what you’ve sent. With just a single line of HTML code, you can even include the archive on your website.

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