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Whether you’re starting out fresh or already have a big list, we give you easy peasy ways of increasing the size of your audience.

Grow Your AudienceSubscribe Button

The easy peasy way to add a simple subscriber form to any page on your site – just copy and paste the code anywhere you like.

Subscribe Forms

Using the simple form builder, you can create sign-up forms you can add to your site in minutes.

Subscriber Snapshot

A single page showing every interaction you’ve ever had with each of your subscribers. See where they’re based, which email client they view your emails on and even what they look like.


Focus your campaigns! Send only to subscribers from a certain country or who might be interested in a specific topic by segmenting your list.

Preference Center

Allow your subscribers to take control of the information they’ve shared with you. It’s easy for anyone to update their own details and change their subscription.

Custom Fields

Take email personalisation one step further by storing custom data, such as location, on your subscribers which you can easily insert into your email content.

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