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Call to Action – Do it. Do it now!

Thursday 12th February 2015

Getting your call to action right…

… generating click-throughs without over-promising

Well done you.  You’ve signed up for an all-singing-and-dancing email marketing system, with full analytics to learn lots from after your email has gone out. You’ve put together an electronic masterpiece – so why has nobody clicked through to your site?

One of the reasons could be your Call-to-Action (CTA).  CTA buttons link your email campaign to either your website or other online applications and this is measured as the click-through rates in your stats.  These all-important buttons or links indicate to the reader what the next step is.

The CTA buttons or links capture the attention of readers who are simply scanning so it’s a good idea to make them eye-catching:

Size & Design

Make sure your CTA button stands out.  Ensure it’s larger than the text – have a different colour to make the button more visible.

Be specific

Tell your reader where the CTA button will go; what it will link to.

Focus on the benefit

Be clear and concise.  Why they should click through/proceed to the next step. What is in it for them?

Be careful of resistance words

These imply the reader will have to download, buy, order, submit, etc.  These conjure up ideas of time-consuming activity rather than a quick look. As an alternative to  ‘download’ use the word ‘view’ instead.  It can make all the difference and can increase conversions.


This is a tricky one as it depends on what you have on offer.  If your offer/product is easy to understand then put the CTA button towards the top.  If it’s a little more complex and the reader needs to understand, position it a little further down.  You can also have more than one call-to-action, going to the same place.  For emails that are lengthier, don’t make the reader scroll back to the top, have one top and bottom for ease.

In conclusion

In order to increase click-through rates it’s essential that your CTA is right.  Get it standing out and looking good, in the right place, make it sound as simple and easy as you can and you’ll see your click-through rates improve.  The next step for you is to make sure that what they see when they get there is primed and ready, whether that be selling them a product or getting them to sign up for something.  The next step should be as simple as getting there in the first place.

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