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lemon squeezy!

Professional templates that allow you to create your own email campaigns in minutes.

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Ease of use

Customize any template or design to showcase your brand using the simply powerful drag-and-drop email builder—no coding required.

Complete customisation

Display your brand at its best with precise adjustments to every aspect of your campaign in the email builder.

Mobile optimisation

Every template is responsive to mobile devices so you can send knowing your campaigns look great everywhere.

Template management

Lock sections of the template so that your team only updates what you want them to — ensuring your brand and style stay intact.

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How it works

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Email marketing campaigns can be set up and sent in a matter of minutes. Insert pictures, create links and format text.


Manage your email subscriber list in the online application and allow recipients to unsubscribe.


How many people have opened it? Who are they? What have they clicked on? Instant analysis in an easy-to-understand format.

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